Father has life

Welcome to this holy house of God to hear the call of ancient and honoured Wisdom:
Come, eat my food
and take the drink I have prepared.

If we have no life in ourselves because of our own sin, Jesus is calling: Come and eat!
If we have no life in ourselves because the others have hurt us deeply and seriously with their words and deeds, Jesus is proclaiming: I am the living bread.
If we have no life in ourselves because of hatred and envy towards our brother and sister, Jesus, the Crucified, is giving his flesh and blood as holy sacrifice and redemption.

During holidays if you come to a restaurant you will be offered a Menu to choose what you would like to have. Afterwards the waiter would come and kindly check if everything is alright.
Now you are very welcome here for the specials of this God’s house – well known and precious. Here is our Lord Jesus himself our Host, offering food and drink for eternal life.
Is it not that doing holidays is a part of our deepest longing for everlasting life, for well-earned rest, for reaching final peace and pleasure?

The strong walls of Dubrovnik are very good picture for the seven columns wisdom has set up. Here is the sheltered and protected area to turn in and look for wisdom offering herself.

It is in the days of rest that we are much more capable to take necessary moments and discern the will of the Lord. St. Paul is inviting us to do so. Why not peacefully contemplate this blue sky and the depth of the see and feel where we stay in our lives?

Jesus is very challenging for his auditorium. No, he is not inviting them to a misunderstanding and conflict. Today, looking back we know that he rally and literally gave his flesh and his blood on the cross. This is the mystery of the cross. This I the mystery of the crucified one and the pierced one we are celebrating here.

Jesus, the Martyr, makes the last and definite step with his cross. He reveals God’s interest in our life. Homo vivens – Gloria Dei! The living man is the glory of God.

Why are people coming to Dubrovnik? In the search for life and joy. And Jesus gives an answer to that quarry. He solemnly assures us. His flesh and blood are the nourishment of life. This is what Thomas the apostle could experience in front of the living body of the risen Lord.

The Father who has life sent Jesus. Jesus has life because of the Father. Jesus gives us the helpful hint. If we eat the living bread, we will remain in him and he will remain in us. This is what it is about. This precious and sensitive connection is the clue.
If we fee on him, we shall have life because of him. We shall speak his words. We shall cherish his thoughts in our hearts. We shall look upon this world with his eyes. We shall enjoy the love of the heavenly Father with his heart. We shall have his flesh and his blood – his life, eternal and divine, in ourselves.

Welcome today to choose the real food. Welcome to bring all your expectations and all the thanks to join them with this bread and wine on the altar.

Prayers of the faithful:
To God who fills us with his Spirit, let us bring our prayers for everything we need and for all we love.

Let’s pray for Benedict, our Pope, for our bishops and priest and for all the faithful: may we always gratefully listen to the calling of God’s wisdom.

Let’s pray for this ancient and solemn city of Dubrovnik and for all who come here in these days: may they find not only the beauty of the golden sun and the deep, blue see, may the discover the spiritual food in the body and blood of Christ.

Let us pray for all of us in this beautiful church of St. Ignatius: may we taste and see the goodness of the Father who has life.

Let us pray for our families and friends who are elsewhere: may we enjoy the unity and love in the living bread that comes down from heaven.

Let us pray for all who lived with us: may the experience the full revelation of the mystery and the truthfulness of Christ’s promise of eternal life.

God, our heavenly Father you have life. Hear graciously to the prayer of your Church and grant us your life through Christ our Lord.


B Sunday 20
Dubrovnik, August 16th 2009

N. Bilić SJ