The great mission by the Prince of Peace (John 20:19-23)

Hannah's prayer

Abraham's faith in Gen 12

I shall praise him again

Coming back home (Gen 35:9-15)

Light of the world (John 8)

The experienced leader in the school of the Lord (Exodus 34:5-9)

Psalm 90

Martha – a disciple and believer (John 11)

Transfiguration - Jesus connecting earth and heaven Mt 17:1–9

Power of the Word (Bible for today)

1. The strong women in the Bible (.ppt) * minutes

2. The prophets and their God * (.pdf) * (.ppt)

1. Sunday of Advent

Blessed are we

Disaster and a universal new beginning

Do you want to leave? (B 21)

The Father has life (B 20)

God's bread (B 18)

The Heart of Jesus

Human mission in the world

Mass in English (.doc)

Mass in English (.pdf)

Miraculous nature around us

Narrow door (C 21)

Where are the good fruits?