The heart of Jesus

(Matt 11:25-30)

The language of the Bible is clear. The heart is the centre of a person. When Jesus is speaking about his heart he does not use the comparisons as he usually does. He is speaking about himself.

This speech takes place in the moment of grace when Jesus is praising the heavenly Father. Jesus takes us into his prayer. We are allowed to find the source of his mission in his heart. In this heart there is the delicate network of love and connection between him and his Father. The heart of Jesus is the celebration of the Father.

This heart is a witness about the knowledge which it is impossible to reach by means of human wisdom and intellectual strength. It is a granted revelation.

The human heart is the centre of our blood circulation, that means the circulation of our life. Somehow everything is inside of this small nucleus. The way our heart is beating is the way we feel. And the opposite: it is the feeling and the emotion that fills us which determines how our heart is beating.

Everything is given onto Jesus from his Father. The heart of the Son knows the Father. As well as the Father in heaven knows the Son. The one who wants to get acquainted with the Father should look upon the sacred heart of Jesus. The heart of Jesus – this is the love of Jesus for the Most high, the Lord of heaven and earth. It is from his heart that the exclamation comes: Father, I thank you, for such was your gracious will.

The heart of Jesus embodies also his care for us and his love towards us. Jesus reveals the mystery of the Father to the chosen ones, so that our heart also may rejoice in praising the Father.

October 20th 2006

p. Niko Bilic SJ